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Midweek SMS – 24.08.2011

Dear all,      

Fantasy Cricket

Just a quick update – Chris Sowton is running away with the league and is clear by a good 1000 points. MVP of the season so far is Mark Bartolo, but he could be caught before the end by Gladstone, Sowton and Davenport.  

Outfield Repair / End of Season Work

At some stage, we will need to refill the trenches before the end of the season. The idea being that if we get the right weather, the grass will grow and bind together the soil. Please look out for further e-mails confirming dates and offer assistance if you can. Additionally, Roger will be doing his end of season work in about a months time, he generally does this himself over a couple of days, but if anyone can help, please contact him direct and offer a hand.  

Last weekends results:   


Rain ended play after only 8.4 overs could be completed as the water ran underneath the covers

1st X1 League position –       7th / 10



2nd X1 League position –      6th / 10 



3rd X1 League position –     13th / 17  

2 weeks ago Streatham travelled to Beddington. and found out a few things during the course of a successful game. 1. Get your £12s worth by scoring 77 runs and taking 6 wickets whilst still ‘enjoying’ the night before.  Forget Botham’s Headingly ’81, this site will forever be known as Henderson’s Beddington 2nd11 Ground, (beside the tennis courts) 2011. 2. The Nathan shuffle is a reasonable way for the umpire to assist the batsman. 3. Scoreboards cannot be changed due to ‘sore hands’. 4. Talking like Stewie Griffin is very funny. 5. Catching the ball is easy. 6. Some teas are frikkin’ awesome. Other notable performances have the Chairman ending his competitive season with 67 runs, and the club said goodbye to Gavin ‘Uncle’ Buck who has travelled from Woking for most games this season and has decided to save himself a fortune in petrol and join a club closer to home.  Super keeper, great chirper, will be missed.   And then this week Trinity Midvivesigidtanshipsonians travelled to Streatham for the last game of the season.  Believing we were out of the picture due to a late result reverse from earlier in the league, we entered with a scratch team featuring many luminaries of the club.  After 8 overs of batting however the game was forced to halt by rain, and as we played table tennis, Clark excelling, and enjoyed a long tea watched overs evaporate.  After some heavy spiking rom the groundsman/No.10 bat Streatham were left with only 14 overs to come up with a total.  It would be fair to say it did not go well, for anyone, and a meagre 96 never looked enough with a very short boundary on one side. Happily, this team has played with great nerve throughout the season, and 18 remarkable overs later the game was won.  Trinity etc. bowled out for 54.  2 each to Henderson and Sheik, an excellent pick-up and throw run-out from Moss and 5 wickets for Gladstone.  Stunning win, and expected moaning from oppo but a great finish.   And so, where did we finish?  Hate to rain on everyone’s parades, but Oxted have a game left due to a fixture clash earlier in the year.  We won’t know until next week, but the deal is we are 1 point ahead, and will WIN the league and gain promotion if Oxted lose or get a losing draw, or are abandoned.  We need them to get 1 point or less essentially.   Fingers crossed, and full season review to follow. (D Gladstone)

4th X1 League Position –     1st / 8 


Another very young Vs side (Only Cyrille, Barrington, Elliott and the Skipper over 18) went down to Bexley at Waring Park after posting only 78 after being inserted. Only Hughie Irmiger (14) and Asad Malik (12) showed much resistance after the skipper (13) smacked a full pitcher straight in to short cover’s hands. Hughie and Asad hit the ball powerfully. Young Eleanor Johnston and Thomas Irmiger showed some resistance at the end after stepping up after late drop outs. How annoying then, that we should bowl well and take six wickets ( despite dropping four catches). Hugh Irmiger looked every inch the opening bowler with pace and bounce and was very unlucky not to take a couple of wickets. Asad Malik bowled well again and produced a perfect left-arm seamer’s delivery to remove the opener, pitching on off and ripping middle out. Elliott Charles came on and took 4 wickets by bowling at the stumps. Barrington Wilks was hostile and deserved more than his one wicket. Another harsh lesson for the Vs. (L Johnston)

5th X1 League position –    10th / 10   


SMCC won the home fixture, but had to conceed a great away fixture at The Mote CC (a great place to play) – let’s hope they have us back next year…   

This weekends games:  

1st X1 home to Metropolitan Police 

2nd X1 away to Thames Ditton 

3rd X1 home to Farnham

5th X1 home to Blackheath Select

¦lt;br /> Sunday 

2 games ¦lt;br /> Best of luck to all the sides.

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