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Clubmark & codes of conduct


Clubmark was a Sport England initiative that provided a ‘kitemark’ of quality for sports clubs. Its purpose was to identify and acknowledge those clubs that have shown that they were properly and efficiently managed, that provided a safe environment for young players to learn and enjoy their sport, and that had a high standard of equity and ethics towards all members.

Clubs that gained the Sport England Clubmark status are therefore nationally recognised as being run in a safe, effective and child-friendly manner.

The Clubmark accreditation scheme was fully integrated with Safe Hands, the ECB’s welfare of young people in cricket policy.

In 2020, Sport England stopped administering Clubmark. The ECB pledged to run a version of Clubmark for cricket clubs, and started a consultation with clubs on this new version of Clubmark shortly before Covid-19 struck. The new version of Clubmark has not yet been rolled out, but we know it is still on the ECB’s agenda.

How is Clubmark status achieved?

Clubs must meet minimum criteria in the following categories:

  • child protection
  • coaching and competition
  • sports equity and ethics
  • club management.

Streatham & Marlborough CC was awarded Clubmark status in September 2009 which was reaccredited in November 2012, November 2015 and October 2018. During the summer and autumn of 2019, we underwent a full re-accreditation and passed with flying colours on all but one point which has now been resolved. We expect to be fully accredited once the ECB’s new version of Clubmark is rolled out (see above).

Why is Clubmark important?

As well as ensuring that the latest child protection standards are being met, each club that gains accreditation will:

  • be better organised as a club
  • be networked into local and national sports organisations that can provide further support to Clubmark clubs
  • be promoted in their local community and on a national database
  • be better placed to succeed in any future funding applications.

SMCC Club Constitution – November 2021

SMCC Code of Conduct for Senior Members & Guests

SMCC Code of Conduct for Junior Members & Parents / Guardians

SMCC Captains’ Code of Conduct Nov 2020

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