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Men’s cricket

Do you have a glorious cover drive in your locker? Do you possess a googly, doosra or flipper? Can you deliver in-swinging yorkers at will? Or… do you hoick to cow corner, serve up pies and talk a good game at the bar like the majority of us?

On most Saturdays, we run 7 teams; 6 league teams – 4 in the Surrey Championship and 2 in the Kent Regional League – and 1 friendly side. We also have 2 Sunday friendly sides, a mid-week evening T20 side in the Surrey Slam and occasional mid-week afternoon friendlies (usually 40 overs). If you crave cricket throughout the year, there is a winter indoor side as well. We have one of the largest men’s sections in the country.

So whether you’re a recently retired professional cricketer or you’re just recently retired, we have a team that’s right for you. We pride ourselves getting nearly everyone a game every week that you’re available, and on being fun, inclusive and competitive no matter which team you play in.


Men’s indoor training and nets run from January-March 2024.

Indoor training is pay as you go, via the Teamo app. If you are not already registered with SMCC in Teamo, you’ll need to complete the SMCC Teamo registration form. New players are welcome at any time, but please contact us on at least a day in advance so we know to expect you. It is possible to borrow kit at first if you don’t have your own.

Spring indoor training

Tuesdays (Men’s 1-4s)

Aimed at: Players who are likely to represent the Men’s 1st – 4th XIs.
When: Tuesdays 7.45pm to 9.15pm from 9 January until 26 March 2024.
Where: Dulwich Prep School, 42 Alleyn Park, London SE21 7AA (view location on Google Maps). There is free parking on Alleyn Park road. Enter via the glass-fronted section of the building and walk through and then diagonally across the artificial grass to the right to find the sports hall.
Cost per session: £7.50 last year (concession price 50% off). Pay per session. Coaching is provided.

Mondays (Supercasuals + Men’s 5-7s)

Aimed at: Supercasuals (occasional players, parents of SMCC juniors, women’s team) + players who are likely to represent the men’s 5-7th XIs. Sessions will be self-organised nets.
When: Mondays 8:00pm to 9:30pm from from 8 January to 19 Feb, followed by a 3 week break, then three more sessions from 18 March – 1 April 2024.
Where: Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich, Peckham Rye, London SE22 0AT (view location on Google Maps). There is free parking on nearby streets around the back of the school. The entrance to the school is on the side of the building which faces the park, in the middle of the building. If gates are closed, ring the buzzer for reception.
Cost per session: £6 full price or £3 concessions (eg unemployed). No coaching provided. Pay per session. Please note this is not a coached session.

Mondays (Development Squad)

Aimed at: Under 16-19s. See Indoor training for the Development Squad for more details.
When: Mondays 8:00pm-9:30pm, from 8 Jan to 11 March 2024.
Where: Forest Hill School sports hall, known as Forest Hill Community Sport Centre on Google Maps, London SE23 2XX. There is free parking on nearby streets. The entrance to the sports hall is directly from Bampton Road.
Cost: £170 for the block of 10 sessions, to be paid in advance via the Teamo app.

Summer outdoor training (Wednesdays)

In the summer or 2024, men’s training will again take place every Wednesday from 6.30pm onwards at our home ground (weather permitting), run by 1st XI captain Neneto Davis. There are three artificial nets, so please bring appropriate footwear (no spikes in nets). There is no additional charge for summer men’s training. This is included in summer membership.

Development squad summer training, run by Sean Ryan and aimed at U16s to U21s, will also take place on Wednesday evenings from 5pm until 6.30pm. As these sessions are more intensively coached, an additional fee for this training is to be paid via Teamo.

Membership & fees

New members

Membership fees are payable at the start of the summer season (late April).

We offer an initial joining fee of £40 which covers your membership for one month and is discounted from the appropriate membership rate if you decide to continue. Late fees do not apply to new members – you can join any time of the season based on the ‘early bird’ rate.

If you’re interested in joining or attending some training sessions as a taster, please send an email to, which in monitored by several members of the club’s Executive Committee in order to ensure that all enquires get a timely response. You will normally get a reply from one of the following two club officers:

Dan Ellis – Men’s Club Captain (general enquiries to do with men’s cricket)
Owen Jackson – Men’s Membership Secretary (registration & membership)

Fees – membership

Full-paying members
Membership: £220 (for returning members, this rises to £260 if not paid by 15 May)
Match fee for home games at SMCC and for away games: £14 if teas provided, £9 if teas not provided
Match fee for home games at ‘out-grounds’ such as Mayow Park: £12 if teas provided, £8 if teas not provided
Indoor nets: see above

Concession members (unemployed/low-waged/student/single parent/senior – see below for further details)
Membership: £110 (for returning members, this rises to £130 if not paid by 15 May)
Match fee for home games at SMCC and for away games: £7 if teas provided, £4.50 if teas not provided
Match fee for home games at ‘out-grounds’ such as Mayow Park: £6 if teas provided, £4 if teas not provided
Indoor nets: see above

Under 21 members
Membership: £75 (for returning members, this rises to £90 if not paid by 15 May)
Match fee for home games at SMCC and for away games: £7 if teas provided, £4.50 if teas not provided
Match fee for home games at ‘out-grounds’ such as Mayow Park: £6 if teas provided, £4 if teas not provided
Indoor nets: see above
In accordance with Clubmark guidelines, players under 18 should be registered by a parent as a junior player.

Parents of SMCC juniors
If you have a son or daughter enrolled in the junior section and would also like to play, we have a special rate for you to play up to 5 games per year in any of the men’s senior teams. You are also welcome to attend as many indoor nets sessions as you wish (pay per session in Teamo).
Membership: £35
Match fees: see full / concessions rates above
Indoor nets: see full / concessions rates above

We also, of course, welcome parents as full senior members.

See our SMCC Juniors website for details of junior cricket.

Social members
For £35, you can be a social member, free to use the club facilities and qualify for discounted rates on hirings.

Concession membership details
Streatham & Marlborough are committed to providing cricket for all. Non / low income members requiring assistance should contact the appropriate membership committee. The club will review individual applications on a case by case basis. The following are entitled to claim the concession rate for membership. In order to qualify for the concession rate, members must provide evidence to this effect. This will, of course, be treated in confidence.

Category and detailed meaning
Unemployed = claiming benefit
Low-waged = your annual income is less than the London living wage (2021=£21,547.50 per annum)
Student = in full-time education
Single parent = person is sole carer for a child/children
Senior = over 65

Those paying or applying to pay concession rates should notify the Men’s Membership Secretary, Owen Jackson ( This will be reviewed and agreed where appropriate. This applies to existing members and new members alike. 

How to pay

  • Juniors payments must be made via our online booking system, not by bank transfer
  • Pavilion Project donations must be made into the segregated pavilion fund account, details of which are at near the bottom of the Pavilion Project page.
  • Annual subs and match fees for all senior games are now be payable through the Teamo app only.
  • Indoor nets fees should be paid via the Teamo app if you are an existing member, or in cash on the door if you are new

How are the fees set?

Fees are set by members annually at the Annual General Meeting (usually November) following recommendations from the Executive Committee. Fees are set at a level where we maintain competitiveness with similar clubs in the area whilst covering our costs. A major cost factor is the almost £24,000 per year rental payment due to The Dulwich Estate, our landlord. In return, we get a wonderful ground with two pitches and a clubhouse in the heart of Dulwich and Forest Hill.


Saturday 1st XI
Surrey Championship 1st XI, Division 3

Saturday 2nd XI 
Surrey Championship 2nd XI, Division 3

Saturday 3rd XI 
Surrey Championship 3rd XI, Division 2 East

Saturday 4th XI
Surrey Championship 4th XI, Division 3 East

Saturday 5th XI
Kent Regional League 5th XI, Division 4 Met/West

Saturday 6th XI
Kent Regional League 6th XI, Division 7 Met/West

When we have extra availability, we expect also have an 7th XI playing friendlies on Saturdays

Sunday 1st XI
Friendly fixtures

Sunday 2nd XI
Friendly fixtures

Streatham & Marlborough Strikers
Midweek evening Surrey Slam T20s

Midweek XI
Friendly fixtures


History of the club

Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club (SMCC) was formed in 2003 after the merger of two long established local clubs, Streatham CC (1805) and Marlborough (1870) CC. Like most cricket clubs, SMCC is a non-profit organisation and is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club, which is similar to charitable status.

Who runs the club? Is the club run for profit?

The club is run by its members, for its members.

Very few of the people who help to run the club are paid with the exception of coaching, bar and cleaning staff. The vast majority of the thousands of hours of work involved in managing, administering, scheduling, planning, organising, promoting, repairing and looking after the facilities is done on an entirely voluntary basis by our members.

Where do teams play home games?

Our 1st to 4th XIs and our T20 Slam and friendly XIs (Sunday/Wednesday) play at out home ground, located between Forest Hill and East Dulwich. Outdoor training is also at our home ground.

Our lower XIs play home games mainly at the nearby Mayow Park in Sydenham and South Norwood Lake, in Norwood, then return to our main home ground for matches to use the bar.

Do you have a selection policy?

The overarching principle of selection is that teams will be selected on the strongest and most-balanced basis depending on player availability. Selection will be based on availability, conduct, form, known ability, attitude, a commitment to training and a willingness to improve. For friendly cricket, priority is given to ensuring that all players available for selection play a minimum of one match on any given weekend.

SMCC is one of the biggest cricket clubs in England, and we can have large fluctuations in the number and quality of players available for selection in any given week. Therefore, consistent selection in the same team cannot be guaranteed.

Selection will also operate within the following principles:

  • Players are expected to play where selected
  • Players will adhere to the club’s code of conduct
  • Fair and equal opportunity is given to all teams to reach the highest standard within their respective league structures. Teams with the possibility of promotion or relegation may be prioritised in the latter weeks of the season.
  • Fair and equal opportunity is given to all players to perform to the best of their abilities and in their most suitable playing roles
  • On-field success will be rewarded
  • Poor performance will be managed fairly and transparently. Players will be personally informed of demotions and the reasons for it by their existing team captain regardless of the reason for this
  • For the purposes of selection, batting, bowling and fielding are considered equivalent contributors to a player’s ability
  • SMCC welcomes players of all abilities and so ability, or a lack thereof, is not a barrier to participation
  • We will aim to avoid promoting or demoting players by more than one playing XI per week. In some circumstances this will be unavoidable, for example:
    • To ensure new members are selected in the most appropriate side for their abilities as soon as possible;
    • When players have been selected to play in a much higher or lower side on a short-term basis because of significant fluctuations in availability.
  • Any player selected in a higher XI than usual will be played as close to their usual playing role as possible
  • All captains will adhere to the SMCC Captains’ Code of Conduct

How does selection work?

The Selection Process:

  • The selection committee consists of:
    • Chairs of Men’s Selection
    • Vice-Chair of Men’s Selection
    • Men’s 1st XI captain;
    • Men’s 2nd XI captain;
    • Men’s 3rd XI captain;
    • Men’s 4th XI captain;
    • Men’s 5th XI captain;
    • Men’s 6th XI captain;
    • Men’s 7th XI captain;
    • Men’s 8th/Saturday Friendly XI captain.
  • The captains have ultimate responsibility for the selection of their sides, but they do so in accordance with this selection policy devised by the SMCC Executive Committee on behalf of the membership and while meeting the timings outlined below. The co-chairs of selection will ensure the captains uphold the selection policy and can overrule captains’ decisions if the policy is not being followed.
  • Captains are welcome to nominate a vice-captain of their choice, who may also form part of the selection committee where necessary.
  • Additionally, we have a Sunday 1st XI, a Sunday 2nd XI, a Midweek XI and a Surrey Slam T20 XI. All except the Surrey Slam XI play friendly cricket only. Selection for these sides is made by the captains alone, but still in accordance with this selection policy where appropriate.
  • Members must indicate their availability by Monday 6pm via our club Teamo app. If the selection committee has not heard from you by this time, you will be assumed to be unavailable. This is the same deadline for Saturday, Sunday and midweek sides. For the Midweek XI the deadline is the Monday of the week of the game.
  • Players intending to play in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th XIs are also expected to indicate their availability for at least the next four matches advance by 6 pm on Monday 6pm via our club Teamo app. This is so that captains can plan ahead and select as settled a team as possible.
  • Communication with junior players will be via their parents and administered by the junior club captain.
  • In consultation with the Chair and Vice-Chair, the Men’s 1st XI captain has until Monday 8pm to select his playing XI. If the team is not selected by that time, the Chair/Vice-Chair of Selection will select the side, in order to complete selection in a timely manner. This process repeats with each side.
  • The selection cut-off for each subsequent side is as follows:
    • 2nd XI: Monday 10pm
    • 3rd XI: Tuesday 10am
    • 4th XI: Tuesday 6pm
    • 5th XI: Tuesday 8pm
    • 6th XI (formerly “Surrey 5th XI”): Tuesday 11pm
    • 7th XI: Wednesday 10am.
  • Players will be told which team they have been selected in after 9 pm on Wednesday evening. By this time, every player who has made themselves available for selection will be informed either by the relevant captain that they have been selected, or by the chair of men’s senior cricket if they have not been selected in any side. Team selections will not be widely publicised until these conversations have happened.
  • In the event of selected players making themselves unavailable after 9pm on Wednesday, the co-chairs of selection will coordinate the subsequent reshuffle. The captains may express a preference for a player in the team below and this will be accommodated as much as possible.

In order to be eligible for selection, players must:

  • Be paid members of SMCC. (Mid-May is deadline for paying annual membership. Prior to this date, selection priority will be given to those who have paid. After this date, those who have not paid will be unavailable for selection.)
    • SMCC is committed to providing cricket for all. For those on no or low incomes, see the Membership & Fees section above for the support that we can offer.
  • Pay their match fees. Players with more than one game’s worth of outstanding match fees will be unavailable for selection.
  • Always adhere to the SMCC code of conduct. Those failing to do so will have this communicated to them and will be unavailable for selection for as long as the selection committee consider appropriate.
  • Notify availability on Teamo by 6pm on Monday and, if necessary, communicate any need to leave early, play at home, or other additional circumstances.
  • Meet their commitment to play once selected. We understand emergencies happen, but repeated failure to meet this commitment will result in unavailability for selection.
  • Perform their agreed role to the best of their abilities.
  • Arrive by the time requested by their captain and stay to support teammates for as long as the game lasts unless an early departure time has been pre-agreed with the captain.
  • Assist in any pre-, during or post-match tasks as required. For example, setting up the playing area, umpiring or scoring.

From what age can juniors play in senior cricket?

We have a slightly different policy on this for boys and girls, as different restrictions apply to Men’s and Women’s league cricket.

These rules do not mean that all players who are old enough are expected to train and play in senior cricket, by any means. It is an option for players to try when they feel it’s something they want to do. For most players, this tends to be at around Under 15s (school year 10) or older, but some younger players enjoy playing in senior games of a suitable level.

Boys in senior cricket

Boys can train and play in senior cricket from Under 13 (school year 8), or Under 12 (school year 7) if in a county performance pathway.

The club’s senior selection panel and captains also have the right to refuse to have a junior play if they feel the junior lacks sufficient skills for them to safely do so. In practice, many of our juniors enjoy taking part in senior cricket.

At SMCC, we are luck to have probably the largest senior section in the country. We typically field 8 men’s teams on most Saturdays, and 2 women’s teams on Sundays. This which means we have an exceptionally wide range of standards of senior cricket in which juniors can take part.

Many other local clubs also have juniors of the same ages playing for them.

What if I want to play in a team with my friends?

Ultimately, we recognise that people choose to play cricket mainly for the enjoyment of the games and playing cricket with friends is a big part of that. However, we need to respect the selection policy which is designed to work for the majority of members. Any requests should be made to one of the Men’s Co-Chairs of Selection and we will endeavour to grant any such requests, assuming the overall effect is beneficial to the club.

Do you have practice sessions?

During the winter and spring, we host regular indoor training sessions and during the summer, we have training/nets sessions weekly outdoors at the club. See details at the top of this page.

Can I use the nets outside of match and training times?

During the summer (April – September), yes, as long as it does not interfere with scheduled club training or junior matches. Club practices take place Monday to Friday from 5pm-8pm from mid-April to mid-July, then Wed & Thu only until end of Aug. Junior matches use the top pitch on Sunday mornings from mid-April to end of August. There are junior matches on Saturday mornings, but on the lower pitch only; so the nets on the top pitch can be used.

If you are the last one to leave the club, the car park gate must be closed and locked to prevent the dumping of waste and abandoned vehicles.

During the off-season (Oct-March) our facilities are being used by Dulwich Village Football Club (juniors) so our nets are not available for use, but there are public nets in Dulwich Park, Peckham Rye Park and Mayow Park.

What do I need to train or play?

To train, we ask that you wear whatever is comfortable for physical activity but a white top would be appreciated by the batsmen. It’s a bonus if you have your own kit and ball, but these items can generally be borrowed from other participants or the club.

To play, you will require cricket “whites” and trainers or cricket boots. We have our own club shop where you can obtain playing and training wear, but you can also get “whites” from many sports retailers. Again, it is very likely that protective kit and a bat can be borrowed from fellow team mates.

Do you have coaching available?

We have a number of coaches who play at the club and direct practices depending on availability. We are happy to put people in touch with our coaches and they are free to negotiate terms direct.

When do you play?

Matches occur every Saturday and Sunday from mid-April to mid-September, weather allowing. We also normally have a few Wednesday afternoon and mid-week evening fixtures scheduled. Afternoon matches normally start between midday and 2pm and finish around 6-8pm. Evening Surrey Slam T20 matches normally start at 6pm and finish before 9pm.

What format are these games?

League matches vary between limited overs cricket (number of overs can vary between 40 and 50 per side) and “time” / “declaration” cricket (90 or 100 overs in the day). Friendly matches tend to be 40 overs per side but can vary subject to the agreement of captains on the day. Surrey Slam matches are 20 overs per innings.

What leagues are you in?

The top five men’s sides play in the Surrey Championship, the leading organised league in Surrey.

We are situated on the Kent/Surrey border, and two of our lower teams play in the Kent Regional League.

Many Saturdays we also run an eighth friendly team.

Our Sunday and Wednesday afternoon sides play friendlies. Out list of friendly fixtures has been cultivated over a number of years to include a number of local and wandering sides who we know we can have enjoyable and competitive matches against.

Do you play T20?

We enter the Surrey Championship T20 competition on an annual basis. This is a knockout competition for players of high ability (1st & 2nd team, generally).

We also enter The Surrey Slam, which provides around 4-5 fixtures in the local area, is designed to be completed in 2.5 hours and is best suited to players of medium to medium-high ability (2nd-4th team, generally speaking).

Are there social events?

Yes! In some ways, we pride ourselves on it.

Having probably the largest senior section in the country means a lively social scene.

In the summer, each senior team takes turns to host a club social so there’s generally an event on every other Saturday. Throughout the year, we also arrange drinks on a semi-regular basis, quiz evenings, golf days and the infamous annual awards evening. See our social events page for more details.

Do you cater for disability cricket?

We don’t have a dedicated team or coaching system in place, but we endeavour to include everyone regardless of their disability, assuming that the activity is appropriate and safe. We are currently fundraising for a new pavilion and this will be built to modern building standards, making the facility far more disability friendly. Around 2-3% of our membership had a disability.

Is there any club kit that I can borrow?

We do not have an official club kit bag to use and all players bring their own kit, but other members are usually happy to lend their own kit for people to use on an occasional basis.

What are the bar prices like?

We very much welcome both tipplers and teetotallers alike.

In 2023, you can get pints of Greene King draft beer from £4.10 and glasses of wine from £4.70 (substantially discounted thanks to one of our members working for specialist wine buyers, Les Caves de Pyrene). Cans of soft drinks start from £1.20.

Do you pay any players to play or sponsor overseas players?

No. We have had some notable professional players in the past but currently choose to make sure that all funds raised are used to the benefit of all members. We are focussed on our local community; sorry, we do not provide any sponsorship or special assistance to overseas players.

Can I join a few training sessions, play a few matches or visit the club before I have to decide whether to join?

Yes, of course. We realise that finding the right club for you is a decision of vital importance, so we’re happy for people to visit and meet other members before to see if we are the right fit for you.

Am I expected to volunteer any of my time to help run the club?

No, but we would very much like you to consider if you could assist. We are a volunteer-led organisation passionate about delivering cricket to the local community and any help would be much appreciated.

Do you have any need for people to just umpire or score?

Yes! We can offer a small payment, good company and you are welcome to join the players and other officials for tea.


Please send an email to, which in monitored by several members of the club’s Executive Committee in order to ensure that all enquires get a timely response. If your enquiry is about men’s cricket, you will normally get a reply from one of the following two club officers:

Dan Ellis – Men’s Club Captain (general enquiries to do with men’s cricket)
Owen Jackson – Men’s Membership Secretary (registration & membership)

Note: By contacting us, you are agreeing to having data stored that is reasonably needed to offer cricket, which includes the sharing of limited personal data to third parties such as the Play-Cricket website. We will never share your personal details where it is not essential to be able to continue offering cricket as part of your membership.

Here on Play Cricket you’ll find our fixtures, results and player statistics. Please visit our main website for information about adult cricket, or for information about junior cricket. New players and facilities hirings welcome at any time of year.

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