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BIG NEWS!! Grant success for the new pavilion

Dear Member/Friend of Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club,

I have some exciting news to relay to you all. As you may already know, over the last 9 years we have been striving to put in place all that is needed to replace our current pavilion. Many of you may not be aware that our old and much loved pavilion is causing us serious problems as it is structurally unsound and failing us on almost every level. Its remedial upkeep has become a serious drain on our very limited resources and threatens our future.

Since I became chairman ten years ago, replacing this building has been a major objective of the club. We have now settled on a pavilion design that is affordable and has gained planning permission from Southwark.

The approximate costs are substantial – around £600K – and to kick off our fund-raising we had a wonderful club evening in April 2014 where approximately £40K was raised on the night. Since then, substantial effort has gone in to applying for funding and I can now tell you that we have been successful with a number of major awards.

We have obtained £75K from Sport England (Lottery money) and £150K from the London Marathon Charitable Trust. In addition, our National governing Body (the ECB) have promised £150K. This brings us to over £400K and we are now applying for smaller grants to reach our target. This, with your help, will be fairly easily achieved as the funds already obtained provide tremendous leverage.

To put this in to context these grants are extremely competitive and our success demonstrates that our need is widely recognised. As a club, however, we need one last push at fund-raising and consequently we will be having a “Final push fundraising party” on Saturday 16 June.

For more information and ways in which you can donate, please see the following link:

Warmest regards
John Greenwood

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