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Funding Update and Reminders

Dear all,

Just a few reminders to rattle through. But first, let me take a… I wanted to inform you that we have secured two rounds of funding. Firstly, we’ve received funding from Dulwich Community Council’s Neighbourhood Fund for £1,342.50 to go towards equipment for the club’s junior section. Many thanks to coach Dan Johnson for putting together the application! Secondly, we’ve received £1,482 in funding from the ECB Small Grants Scheme (in association with Waitrose) to improve our bar – this will be spent on two new bar fridges and five picnic tables! Tip of the hat to Karen Klomp for that one.

Back to the reminders… There is more detail in the preceding e-mail but I surmise as follows:

  • The club quiz night is this Saturday evening. I’ve received queries on whether on the rugby and can confirm that it will be shown whilst the quiz is on. See details in the e-mail below to compete for a cash prize!
  • NatWest CricketForce weekend is a couple of weekends away. For those who don’t know, it’s a volunteer effort to make improvements to the ground and clubhouse in advance of the summer. Any help from new or existing members is highly encouraged and those who assist will get priority in selection for upcoming fixtures.
  • Finally, a reminder to that we are now accepting 2016 membership fees. We do have lots of bills to pay at the start of the season and so we’ve offered an incentive to pay early so make sure you save yourself some cash!

I’ll leave you with a teaser from a previous quiz – There are nine tube stations in London beginning with the letter ‘A’ – name them…

Thanks and hope to see you all soon.
Streatham & Marlborough Club Captain

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