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News from the AGM

For those of you who were unable to make the AGM last night, here are the highlights (full minutes are to follow).

Last years AGM minutes were accepted.

Chairmans Report – positive year with real financial transparency and control now in place. Mixed, but largely postive on field performances and we have unofficially been told that we are one of the most progressive clubs in Inner London by Surrey CCC. Thanks to the groundstaff and all volunteers at the club.

Finance Report – The first part of 2010 was largely spent trying to pay off debt from 2009. The club is in a far stronger position now with a small amount of cash in the bank and creditors exceeding debtors. Have started to implement lower bar prices for members. The club extends their thanks to Wayne Fitzharris, who has stepped down.

Restructuring of Executive Committee – proposal was accepted with the formation of a smaller Management Committee and Finance Committee.

Management Committee

John Greenwood Chairman
Tom Breed Treasurer
Justin Sbresni Secretary
Dan Ellis Mens Club Captain
Lisa Stephens Ladies Club Captain
Kash Hassan Junior Club Captain
Mark Eldridge Colts Coordinator
Mark Bartolo / Roddie Bell Membership Secretary

Other Positions

Peter Edwards President
John Greenwood Club Development Officer
Mark Bartolo Chair of Cricket
Mark Bartolo Fixture Secretary
Roger Price Surrey Championship Representative
Laurie Johnstone Kent Regional League Representative


Mark Eldridge 1st X1
Craig Brinsden 2nd X1
Chris Sowton 3rd X1
Dave Gladstone 4th X1
Laurie Johnstone 5th X1
Kirk De Ruyter Development X1
Sagar Mehta Sunday 1’s
Nathan Evans Sunday 2’s
Rotating Match Day Captain Midweek X1

Subs and Match Fees – Due to a healthier financial position at the club, we are able to offer incentives to pay early. It was, however, stressed that a number of people had not paid for the 2010 season, this will need to be settled before playing again for the club and more methods/flexibility of payment will be introduced for 2011. It was decided to introduce a small charge for the ladies section. Reduced fees (in brackets) to be paid by 31 May 2011. Match fees in italics.

Full Playing £180 (£150) £12
Concession £90 (£75) £6
U21 £60 (£40) £6
Ladies Full £25 £12
Ladies U21 £5 £6
Social £25


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