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Pavilion project


  • Current pavilion is falling apart and needs to be replaced soon if a cricket club is to remain viable on this site
  • New pavilion is expected to bring in many thousands of pounds per year in hirings (this has happened at other clubs)
  • Extra revenue will ensure the club survives for decades and continues to be a sporting and social hub for nearly 1000 members of the local community and many more visitors every year
  • We’ve been working on this project for around 8-9 years to get funding
  • In 2018, Sport England, the London Marathon Trust and the ECB agreed to of provide funding that, combined with approximately £55,000 raised from members, totals £420,000
  • Around £180,000 from other grant-giving bodies would be needed to complete the project
  • However, the club is now in discussions with a large children’s nursery provider about them possibly contributing to build costs on a long-term facility sharing basis.
  • We welcome offers of donations or sponsorship to help make this dream a reality. Please help us continue to be the important community hub that we are – bringing together young and old, male and female, rich and people of many different backgrounds and beliefs to play the wonderful sport that is cricket.
  • We are aiming for the build to take place in winter of 2019/20, ready for the 2020 cricket season.

Recent updates

Dec 2018

Talks continue between the club’s Pavilion Sub-Committee and the nursery provider interested in sharing the facility. Ruth Campbell (parent of one of our junior players) is volunteering her professional expertise in architecture to work with the nursery provider’s architects in order to evolve our original pavilion design into a design more suitable as a multi-purpose facility. We want to say a big thank you to Ruth!

In the meantime, while ill health prevented a fully up to date Treasurer’s Report at our Annual General Meeting, based on the last interim report, it looks as though SMCC had our best year financially in recent memory, thanks largely to the rapidly growing junior section. We have now paid off the last remaining £2,000 of ‘long-term debt’ that was owed to several senior players who had lent money to the club many years ago in order to keep it afloat. We want to say a big thank you to those players!

We now have around £15,000 in the bank which will be saved rather than spent and gives us a small buffer with which to cope with major repairs or the costs of replacing grounds equipment. We are far from being out of the woods yet. One swallow doesn’t make a summer, as they say. The surplus this year is the result of an enormous amount of hard work by our small army of volunteers and without the saving and new income expected from a new pavilion, we will be dependent on volunteers sustaining a similarly huge effort year after year, which cannot be taken for granted.

Sept 2018

Pledges from club members this summer now total nearly £19,000! We are having very early, exploratory discussions with a large children’s nursery provider about them possibly contributing to build costs on a long-term facility sharing basis. We mustn’t count chickens, and this might mean some changes to the clubhouse design, but it’s a positive development. Meanwhile we’ve also applied for various other grants to try to raise the remainder of the funding needed.

June 2018

On 16th June, we kicked off a 2018 fundraising push with our “Final Push Pavilion Fundraiser” event at the club. We’re aiming to raise another £43,000 like we did 5 years ago. On the weekend of 16th June alone, we had pledges worth nearly £17,000 (after Gift Aid) from players, parents, friends and some local companies. A fantastic start, but we know many who want to donate where not there on the night, so keep those donations rolling in!

May 2018

The club’s Executive Committee approved a proposal by the Pavilion Sub-Committee to commit £20,000 from our Pavilion Fund for the drawing up of detailed designs by our development partners.

April 2018

Sport England and the London Marathon Charitable Trust have granted us £75k and £150k respectively toward the new pavilion. There is now some additional information that we need to submit (evidence of good governance being in place and so on) but we expect to complete these steps within the next few weeks. With the funding raised by the club plus the (unofficial) offer from the ECB of £150k, we have a total of around £400k. Sport England receive 220 applications a week and the Marathon Trust is similarly inundated with bids. Their awards are the culmination of years of hard work by our committee and our members to raise the profile of the club and to ensure good governance. Our increased playing men’s membership, the successful women’s section, the rapidly growing junior section, our work with Surrey Cricket Board, the NatWest CricketForce event and the two club videos have all impacted on our funding success. Last, but certainly not least, are the hours committed by our Chairman, John Greenwood, in submitting the successful applications.

March 2018

Our new planning permission has been approved by Southwark Council. There will be more permissions required from our landlord, Dulwich Estates, in due course but that comes after funding is secured.

The job is not over, but the finishing line is significantly closer! Well done everyone! By you may be wondering why we so desperately need a new pavilion at all. If so, read on…

The club seems to be thriving. Why do you need funding for a new pavilion?

At a time when participation in cricket is in decline across the country, we are bucking the trend. Our ever growing membership means that we now often put out seven men’s teams on Saturdays, two friendly sides on Sundays and one on Wednesdays. Our women’s side became two sides this year. Our juniors has grown from 100 players in 2016 and 200 players this year, including over 25 girls. We are running junior league cricket in seven age-groups and this year and will be going to all-girls cricket festivals in two age-groups, and we are now also running junior cricket camps during the summer holidays.

Counting families, partners and social members, we are a sporting and social hub for nearly 1000 members of the local community, bringing together young and old, male and female, wealthy and disadvantaged and a huge range of ethnicities, religions and nationalities. We bring together our local community like no other organisation can. Each year we also welcome thousands more players and family members from other clubs, and we provide the facilities for many other roaming and workplace teams to play friendly cricket as well.

In spite of this unusually healthy membership, and the value we provide to the local community, the future of the club is under threat.

Club under threat – rising costs of heating and repairs

Our pavilion, which was built by members in the 1950s, has become increasingly expensive to maintain. In the last few years we’ve needed to repair the roof several times, repair collapsed ceilings in multiple places, rebuild areas of the rotten wooden floors, and have had to replace collapsed underground plumbing. There are numerous large cracks in our walls and part of the building at the rear is falling away due to subsidence, a gaping crack now open in the roof. In addition to this, the lack of building insulation and poor roof construction means very high energy bills.

The clubhouse was for many years used in the daytime as a children’s nursery, which provided a delightful and safe environment for pre-school children while bringing in much needed revenue to help keep the club going. Due to the condition of the building, we no longer have the nursery.

Members are trying incredibly hard each year to save costs, increase membership, increase facilities hirings and raise money through social events, but the club is still only just breaking even. The club already owes several thousand pounds to some very generous members who have lent their own money to the club, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get revenue through hirings due to the condition of the buildings.

There is a very real possibility that the club will, perhaps as early as this year or next year, start losing substantial sums of money, which could mean the club needing to close down. This would be a massive loss to the local community.

Why would a new pavilion help?

Pavilion proposed design July 2018

Proposed plans – July 2017 (PDF)

A new pavilion would lower the cost of repairs and lower our energy bills while bringing in new revenue by once again being a children’s nursery, and based on the other clubs that we have talked to who have build new pavilions, we can expect to get many more pavilion and pitch hirings. Some of those other clubs have told us they have needed to hire staff in order to cope with demand. This could be a difference of many, many thousands of pounds per year.

The club would then be in a position not just to survive, but to invest in ever better facilities that would help us get even more members of the local community active through cricket. It might, for example, make possible the renovation of our nets (a £30,000 project), enable the club to support more players to get trained for coaching juniors, to offer better facilities for disabled cricketers, to provide better financial assistance to players from disadvantaged backgrounds and to provide a cricketing experience more conducive to getting larger numbers of girls, women and over 50s playing the game. We might be able to lower our membership fees in general, making cricket more affordable to all.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that cricket is played, and thrives, on this Inner London site in 50 years’ time and that the club remains a successful and financially viable organisation of local importance.

How much money needs to be raised?

We launched our fundraising effort in 2014 with a successful opening night in which we raised over £40,000 from members. Since 2014, members of our executive committee have been working with the relevant authorities to put together a project plan, designs, planning applications and funding applications. We have been applying for funding each year, learning with each application and with each bid better demonstrating the benefits the new pavilion will provide to the community.

The pavilion design was revised in 2017 to reduce costs, but we still require a total of around £600,000 to replace the pavilion. This is the cheapest viable option for a basic but functional clubhouse that meets all of the required standards. The proposed plans for the new pavilion have been discussed at length with the Surrey Cricket Development Team, the ECB and the design team (Macdonald Design Ltd).

We now have commitments of £125 from the London Marathon Charitable Trust, £75k from Sport England and a unofficial promise of around £150k from the ECB. In addition to fund raised from members, we have around £400k.

We will now be submitting bids for further grants from various other charities to raise smaller levels of funding and, of course, we will be planning a big fundraising push by those at the club!

It is looking feasible that, with a bit of luck, we could be seeing building works start during the winter of 2019/20.

How can I support?

SMCC Pavilion pledge form including gift aid declaration (.docx file) – download and print this form to make a pledge with a Gift Aid declaration. Printed forms are also available at the club. By completing the Gift Aid form, every £1 you donate will be worth an extra 28p to the club in tax rebates.

Donate by bank transfer to the segregated Pavilion Fund Account:

Account name: Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club Pavilion Fund
Sort code: 20-80-57
Account number: 00231770

We are very happy to take donations as a standing order. For example, a donation of £100 over 12 months would be £8.33 per month (about the price of one coffee per week). Please ensure your last monthly payment is made by the end of August 2019.

Supporters contributing at least £100 will be considered to have ‘bought a brick’ and these contributors’ names will be permanently recognised on a ‘Supporters Wall’ that will take pride of place in the new pavilion.

Bricks can be bought by businesses as well as individuals. £100 to have your company name enshrined on the club wall for many years to come – an absolute bargain of an advertising opportunity for local businesses!

Bricks prices:

  • Bronze – £100
  • Silver – £250
  • Gold – £500
  • Diamond – £1000
  • Platinum £2500

These and other options can be discussed with our Club Development Officer, Karen Klomp ( If you are unable to support financially, perhaps you can use your persuasive powers to get a local business involved in the project, help with the organisation or attend the club social events. Every little helps…!

We would very much welcome individuals or businesses who would like to part-sponsor the new pavilion or the club in general.

You can also donate by credit/debit card or PayPal by using the PayPal payment system below. Donations go directly into a segregated Pavilion Fund bank account.

How else can I help?

If you don’t feel able to make a financial contribution there are plenty of other ways you can play a part. Here are some suggestions:

  • Could you complete a sponsored event to raise some funds?
  • Do you have skills that could be used in either the fundraising or construction process?
  • Do you have contacts that could help us source cheaper building materials?
  • Could you organise or contribute to putting on an event that would raise money for the pavilion?
  • Would your employer be interested in sponsoring the club or making a donation?

These are just a few of the many things you could do to help out. If you think you could do one of the above or have your own idea of how you could contribute then please get in touch with our Chairman, John Greenwood (, for further details.

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