Proposed plans – July 2017

The club seems to be thriving. Why do you need funding for a new pavilion?

At a time when participation in cricket is in decline across the country, we are indeed bucking the trend. Our ever growing membership means that last year we often put out seventh men’s teams on Saturdays for the first time, in addition to two friendly sides on Sundays and one on Wednesdays. Our ladies’ side is looking like becoming two sides in the near future. And adding to our five junior teams, this year we have also entered a league Development XI that bridges the gap between juniors and seniors.

In spite of this unusually healthy membership, the future of the club is under threat.

Club under threat – rising costs of heating and repairs

Our pavilion, which was built by members in the 1950s, has become increasingly expensive to maintain. In the last few years we’ve needed to repair the roof, repair collapsed ceilings, rebuild areas of the rotten wooden floors, and have collapsed underground plumbing replaced. There are numerous large cracks in our walls and part of the building at the rear is falling away from the rest of the building due to subsidence. In addition to this, the lack of building insulation and poor roof construction means high energy bills.

Members are trying incredibly hard each year to save costs, increase membership, increase facilities hirings and raise money through social events, but the club is still only just breaking even, it already owes several thousand pounds to some very generous members who have loaned their own money to the club, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get revenue through hirings due to the condition of the buildings.

There is a very real possibility that the club will, perhaps as early as this year or next year, start losing substantial sums of money, which could mean the club needing to close down. This would be a massive loss to the local community.

Why would a new pavilion help?

A new pavilion would lower the cost of repairs and lower our energy bills, but it would also bring in new revenue, because we would again be able to rent the building out as a children’s nursery and we would expect to get many more pavilion and pitch hirings. This could be a difference of many thousands of pounds per year.

The club would then be in a position not just to survive, but to invest in ever better facilities that would help us get even more members of the local community active through cricket. It might, for example, make possible the renovation of our nets (a £30,000 project), enable the club to support more players to get trained for coaching juniors, to offer better facilities for disabled cricketers, to provide a bursary fund for equipping players from disadvantaged backgrounds, to run cricket camps for juniors at Easter and through the summer, and to provide a cricketing experience more conducive to getting large numbers of girls and over 50s playing the game.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that cricket is played, and thrives, on this inner London site in 50 years’ time and that the club remains a successful and financially viable organisation of local importance.

How much money needs to be raised?

The design has been revised and value engineered but we still require around £550,000 to replace the pavilion. This is the cheapest viable option for a basic but functional clubhouse. The proposed plans of the new pavilion have been discussed at length with the Surrey Cricket Development Team, the ECB and the design team (Macdonald Design Ltd). Planning permission has been granted from Southwark Council.

We launched the project in 2014 with a successful opening night in which we achieved over £40,000 from members. After submitting comprehensively researched bids each year, we were in 2016 awarded £125,000 from the Marathon Trust and were asked to re-apply by Sport England, who could potentially provide a similar amount.

In February 2017 we learnt that we may have come a big step closer to our dream of a new pavilion becoming a reality. Through a series of meetings between members of our Executive Team and Surrey and the ECB, we have learnt that, because of the imminent threat to such a thriving club, we are considered one of the top priorities in the country for assistance, and the £550,000 goal is within touching distance.

It is looking increasingly likely that we will soon be at the point where further contributions from other grant-giving bodies, and donations by members and local sponsors will get us over the line.

It is looking feasible that, with a bit of luck, we could be seeing building works start as early as next year.

How can I support?

You can donate by credit/debit card or PayPal by using the PayPal payment system below. Donations go directly into a segregated Pavilion Fund bank account.

Supporters can buy a brick to contribute to the construction of the pavilion. All those who do so will have their contribution permanently recognised by a plaque bearing their name on the ‘Supporters Wall’ that will take pride of place in the new pavilion.

Bricks are priced as follows:

  • Bronze – £100
  • Silver – £250
  • Gold – £500
  • Diamond – £1000
  • Platinum £2500

All options can be discussed with our Club Secretary, Karen Klomp ( If you are unable to support financially, perhaps you can use your persuasive powers to get a local business involved in the project, help with the organisation or attend the club social events. Every little helps…!

How else can I help?

If you don’t feel able to make a financial contribution there are plenty of other ways you can play a part. Here are some suggestions:

  • Could you complete a sponsored event to raise some funds?
  • Do you have skills that could be used in either the fundraising or construction process?
  • Do you have contacts that could help us source cheaper building materials?
  • Could you organise or contribute to putting on an event that would raise money for the pavilion?
  • Would your employer be interested in sponsoring the club or making a donation?

These are just a few of the many things you could do to help out. If you think you could do one of the above or have your own idea of how you could contribute then please get in touch with our Chairman, John Greenwood, for further details.

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