Why Sponsor us?
We have almost 200 senior players and well over 150 colts representing or training at the club regularly throughout the year, and that’s just representing the home sides. Thousands of people use the ground and its facilities annually from the local area and De Laune Cycling Club use our facilities for their club night. Additionally, we have regular pitch hires from local schools, our facilities are often hired for celebrations by local residents and we occupy a prominent area of land on the busy South Circular.

In addition, The Christmas Forest has quickly established itself as the primary site to get trees and accessories with huge footfall in the festive period. A great marketing opportunity for you to target local South East London residents.

Finally, it’s a great opportunity to help (and benefit from) your local community club as we will actively encourage our members to use, and promote, your business.

Below are a few of the sponsorship opportunities that Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club can offer:

The junction of Dulwich Common and Lordship Lane (i.e. the South Circular) is prime advertising land!! Thousands of cars are held at the traffic lights outside the adjacent to the club and they could be looking at the name of your business!






Shirt Sponsors
Senior Cricket – Male and Female section

The club shirt sponsor is the primary sponsor of the club. Being the primary sponsor of our cricket club can bring a whole host of benefits and can be an excellent way to gain company exposure with members of the club and the local area at a fraction of the price of other advertising methods.







Junior Cricket

We also currently have more than 150 juniors with plans to increase this to 200 in 2018. If you would like to discuss options for single teams, the juniors or both the junior and senior club, we would be happy to discuss bespoke options.

Seasonal Advertising

Since starting with SMCC in 2009, the Christmas Forest has established itself as a premium seller of Christmas Trees attracting people from miles around. If you wish to target a wide cross section of the local community, it’s the perfect time! How about getting your name our there with A5 leaflets and posters which will be inside the cabin on site? We’re happy to discuss other bespoke packages.

Website / Twitter / Facebook / E-mail
We have two well visited websites, an active social media team and an e-mail lists that numbers over 500 local residents. Our Facebook page has over 300 members, our tweets regularly reach over 1,000 people with approximately 100 engaging directly with the content. For a small fee, we are happy to promote your business through all of our media outlets!

Electronic Scoreboard
A new purchase for 2017, this superb scoreboard displays the score along with your logo and slogan. Add your designs now to be displayed at all our home league fixtures.





Boundary Advertising & Markers

Your business and slogan displayed around the perimeter of the pitches to ensure maximum visibility. Advertising boards measure approximately 2.0m x 1.0m whilst the ‘Toblerone’ style foam markers are 2m long each x 16cm tall. Why not be the first at SMCC to utilise this new impactful, advertising medium? Get your business seen!

Mobile Cricket Covers
Offering great visibility around the ground, we have two sets of mobile covers to which are used to keep the playing surface dry. You could have 22 metres of space to advertise your business! Twice!


For more information or to discuss bespoke packages, please use the contact details below:

Daniel Ellis, Men’s Club Captain, daniel.ellis@falconpw.com, 07949 230 664
Karen Klomp, Club Secretary, kklomp@gmail.com, 07920 742 973