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Club development plan

We write a club development plan every year as a valuable tool to guide the club through the coming year/s in a structured and effective way. Within this plan there are a targets and visions covering 1-5 years in the future and the information below is a synopsis of the club’s latest plan for 2019.

Successes in recent years

CricketForce 2017 – members clear the bank ahead of building a raised viewing area
  1. Launched NatWest CricketForce 2017 nationally
  2. Juniors (since 2016):
    1. Numbers: membership doubled to 200, indoor training attendance up x5, successful summer camp (20 kids/day for 20 days in 2018), number of matches run up x2, girls participation up x4
    2. Playing Success: winning 50% of games (up from 30%)
    3. Player Development: Joined Young Leaders programme resulting in several U15 players experiencing work as support coaches
    4. Finance: Making a substantial and fairer contribution to club upkeep
  3. Raised £2.4k from the ECB in 2018 to support family friendly facilities
  4. 100% win rate for Women’s 1st XI in 2017 and the creation of a Women’s Trust XI in 2018
  5. Playing demand sufficient to occasionally field a 7th Saturday side
  6. Raised over £400k in funding for a new pavilion
  7. Club made a surplus of circa £10k in 2018, which starts to provide a buffer against unpredictable major expenses

Plans for 2019

In 2016 we had 100 junior players. In 2019 we will have 250, including 2 girls’ teams.
  1. Secure final funding, obtain planning and start construction of new pavilion [ongoing]
  2. Continue to develop overall junior coaching offering and increase participation rates at off-season training sessions / summer camp [achieved]
  3. Raise junior membership from 200 to 250 and run 10 league teams including 2 girls league teams [achieved]
  4. Make a financial surplus that will further de-risk the club’s financial situation and enable investment in facilities [achieved]
  5. Enter men’s and women’s sides into the Surrey Slam T20 competition [achieved]

5 Year Vision

As indicated by our 2017 member survey. upgrading our practice nets will be a high priority once we have secured the new pavilion.
  1. New pavilion fit for purpose and providing long term financial stability for the club
  2. Re-develop and relocate net facilities
  3. Remove St Gabriel’s building to gain more playing area
  4. Re-site groundskeeper facilities to increase parking spaces
  5. Further develop girls section to run more teams and increase membership of the women’s section overall
  6. Re-launch a “Development XI” to assist the transition between junior and senior cricket
  7. To increase the number of junior alumni playing in the senior section

This gives you a flavour of what your club has achieved and what it plans to achieve moving forward. If you would like any more information on the successes and plans above please contact us at

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